“The Dawn is a wild, fair woman, With sunrise in her hair; Look where she stands, with pleading hands, To lure me there.”

Robert Loveman

First of all, THANK YOU for checking out my site, looking at my work, and getting to know me a little!

Of Wild Dawn Photography was first inspired by the beautiful words above.

Those words perfectly describe the images I want to create for my clients, I want to provide you with dramatic portraits of love + joy,

leading the viewer into the image by following the beautiful sun light.

Using natures set- and natures light- at dawn and at dusk- in winter, spring, summer or fall….



My name is Crystal Dawn and up there is my little family!

Of Wild Dawn Photography is based in the East End of Ottawa Ontario, Canada.

Established in 2017

It was born out of my adoration and wild passion for photography and my busy, restless brain.


If what you are looking for in family photography is an alternative to the standard studio portrait. 

The posed, sit, stare at the camera and smile in front of a fake backdrop has a time and place, but my ideal clients would prefer natural, timeless,

images that show connection and love, and MOST IMPORTANTLY -

my clients want me to document the little in between

forgotten moments for them.


I'm a creative soul. I'm passionate about the arts, music and photography.

I've got drive, motivation and work ethic that just wont quit! 

(I got it from my Daddy)

If I don’t have meaningful work or creative outlet,

I’m totally miserable!

I’ve always loved taking photos, whether it be film or digital.

I was the girl ordering "doubles" of the 35mm roll of film at the drug store.

To give all her friends copies of the past weekends camping trip.

In 2014, I traded in my beloved Film SLR for a Digital SLR.

I enrolled in a course at the Ottawa School of Photographic Arts and was immediately inspired;

I had to learn absolutely everything about digital photography, editing and the artistry behind creating the images that I knew I wanted to capture.

Learning how to take proper photos has been a really slow process for me.

I’ve spent the better part of the last 5 years obsessively taking photos, researching my technical skills,

(thank you to friends and family who graciously put up with my “ok-- meet me in the forest in 1 hour- I need to try something out!”)

 Perfecting my editing skills and endless days of trial and error!

(thank you Google and YouTube!)

4 Fun Facts about Me

1)  When I’m not working or taking photos, I’m outside, usually in the forest, walking my dog!!

(ok fine- that was more lame than fun but....its true!)

2) I'm obsessed with CBC radio.

In my living room you won't find a TV- but we are always listening to radio programming!

(my daughter says its like the 1940's around here)

3) One of our favourite things to do as a family is to

drive around on garbage day and hunt for treasures 

that people are throwing away! Especially mid century modern pieces that we can breath new life into!

4) My original field of study is in Child Psychology.

Of Wild Dawn Photography is a part time passion project for me,

as I also work for the Ottawa Catholic School Board educating children with special needs!

I've spent almost 20 years in the field of supporting children with special needs live to their fullest potential in various capacities!

I love kids! 

Which is what makes me the perfect kid-wrangler, smile maker, and photographer of your children!

 My mind is always racing to put together the next  photo ‘scene’ in my

imagination, monitoring where the light goes, how it reflects on the trees, leaves, snow or water.


I’m always up for shooting in new locations- chasing light all over the place…


If any of this sounds like something you’d be into….

I’ll be here, waiting to chase the light with you…


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My Vision 

To provide the highest quality candid images each and every session. Pairing minimalist styling, with beautiful natural settings, Creating everlasting images that you will want your grandchildren to see. Capturing your love and raw emotions in timeless, artisitic portraits. You can expect a fun, relaxed, photo session.


Trust me, I want your kids to explore the location and wilderness, trust me, I want you to hug them, laugh and love up on each other...

I want you to Be Wild and Wander...

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