Before the Session

Branding Photography

"You get what you put in!" 

No one knows your brand or business more than you!

1) A good place to start is to figure out WHO your target client(s) are. Maybe you have a well established brand or business and you already know and are reaching your target audience already.

However, if you don't already know who your audience is, and who you are targeting with your social media feed, advertisements and on your website, figuring this out is a great place to start!

2) Planning your shot list. (yes plan EACH photo you want me to take!) Try planning a month or two of social media feed photos OR writing down what photos your need for your website. Write them down in detail including what you'll be wearing, what accessories you want to be in your photos, what aesthetic you want to go with for your feed or site.

If I am photographing a product or merchandise, please inform me of what the product is beforehand. This will save us a ton of time, and you will get MORE photos from the session and have more of a 'photo bank' to draw from. 

3) The session includes 1 location change (ie. a few photos indoors in your home & a few photos in a coffee shop)

Please consider this when writing down your shot list.

I want you to MAKE THE MOST out of your session! Time is money, and the more organized you are, the more value you will get from your branding session. 

Scheduling: Please note that if you are scheduling 4 quarterly branding sessions for the cost of 3, payment must be made in advance. When booking dates, please remember we can plan tentative dates and modify as the year progresses should you wish to move up or push back your dates. 

...and remember when planning locations:

For outdoor photos evening light is best.

or indoor photos NATURAL LIGHT is a must!



During The Session

For posed photos, I’ll be guiding you into different poses, but also letting you “be natural”.

The session is usually a mixture of posed, guided + directed and candid shots. Please let me know if you’d rather I only shoot candid or posed photos. Occasionally, depending on the brand, one or the other is preferred.

Plan your hair, makeup and clothing appropriately. 

Have your accessories ready. 

I will be (mostly) following your lead when it comes to the shot list- because your know YOUR BRAND best!

Now just relax!

You've prepared and you can sit and look pretty and let me do the work!

After the Session

Within 2 weeks (or so!) you will receive your full gallery link via email. 

The brand session includes all high resolution, edited and retouched images from the session (if you choose to book 4 sessions at one time) and one branding session will include 30 images from your session, in high resolution.

These are delivered in a beautiful online gallery available to share, print, post and display.  All images are NON -WATERMARKED and are yours to keep and to share.

Please do not alter/edit your images as they are copyrighted ‘Of Wild Dawn Photography’ and I’d appreciate them staying the same as when I gave them to you.

Please keep the images I provide to you to market and promote your own business or brand. Other businesses or brands will not be permitted to use or profit from copyrighted images without my permission. DIRECT CREDIT MUST be given if anyone besides your business or brand uses my photography for marketing or business purposes. 



From the online gallery you will have the option to order high quality prints of your images delivered right to you door within 2 weeks. The print company is one I personally recommend and they know my business and my photos.

The online gallery will be available to you for up to 1 week.

Please download the images to your desktop computer or laptop and order your prints within this timeframe.

Once the photos are safety downloaded to your computer, you can print wherever you normally print your photos! 



My main goal is that you are happy and satisfied with both your session and images. Please let me know what made you the happiest, or if there is anything more I can do for you. It would be my sincerest pleasure to correct anything you feel needs improving.

If you were satisfied with your session or images, a review on my Facebook page, or better yet, a personal recommendation to your friends or family would be a very nice gesture and I would be forever grateful.


Thank you for allowing me to photograph your Wild Side.


Crystal Dawn

Of Wild Dawn Photography

Fresh & New

 Personal Branding Session