Before the Session




Whether your event is at an event venue, your home, outdoors or an alternate location, please allow me to examine the light in the venue or home. You can send me via email a description of the venue/home, describing the windows, lights and how the event will be set up.

If there are special items you’d like to have (quilts, stuffies, photographs in the background, memento from a special family member) in the photos, please prepare them in advance.

A good tip, is writing down a list of ‘shots’ or ‘items’ in shots that are important to you in order to make the most of my time at the event.

Ill be using mostly natural light for the photos. If you would like my to take portraits of family members together (posed photos), I will likely be posing the subjects in front of windows or where I can get the best light. Please don’t be offended if I rearrange, move stuff, tidy or open curtains! I’m only doing this to make the most of the session, I arrive with no judgment and only love. I want to leave you with images that you can enjoy for years to come.




Ensure that the guests know I am there to take any photos they wish to have. They can approach me to request a photo with anyone at any time.

Ensure that you have given me a written list of MUST HAVE photos, ie: bride to-be with great grandma and great grandchildren. There is nothing more disappointing in not having a special photo that you intended on receiving.

If you have children, sometimes its helpful to tell them that someone is coming over to play, meet them and take some photos. Let them know they have 3 jobs: Play, Laugh and Hug!

Avoid fluorescent colors and t-shirts with bold logos on them (ex. Bright pink Minnie Mouse t-shirt)  unless that’s the look you are going for of course!


If you would like a mix of candid and posed photos, please let me know in advance so on the day of the event, you are as relaxed as possible and can rest assured that I am capturing all the moments as they happen.


During the Session


The session will last for the exact amount of hours we have previously discussed.

I’ll be photographing you, your family & friends, as well as the environment and how the light interacts with it. I’ll be photographing the details, ex: the homemade welcome sign, how father cradles your mothers lower back when he hugs her, the hills as the backdrop of your event location, so please don’t be alarmed if you see me far away, capturing the small details.


For posed photos, I’ll be guiding you into different poses, but also letting you “be natural”. The session is usually a mixture of posed, guided + directed and candid shots. Please let me know if you’d rather I only shoot candid or posed photos. Occasionally, depending on the event, one or the other is preferred.

Remember to smile, hug, move slowly and get in close.

Please do not hesitate to ask me for specific photos during the session/event. Please maximize my time. I want you to have every image you dreamed of!

I am also here to assist you with whatever you’d like.

Its not uncommon for me to help with greeting guests, carrying a tray of desserts or rearranging chairs! Your wish is my command.


After the Session


Within 2 weeks (or so!) you will receive your full gallery link via email. 

The lifestyle session includes all high resolution, edited and retouched images from the event.

These are delivered in a beautiful online gallery available to share, print, post and display.  All images are NON -WATERMARKED and are yours to keep and to share.

Please do not alter/edit your images as they are copyrighted ‘Of Wild Dawn Photography’ and I’d appreciate them staying the same as when I gave them to you.

However, they are yours to post online, share and print as you wish! There are no restrictions for personal use and you do not have to credit me, or display my watermark online if you are using them!  For use of the images for business or marketing purposes, please credit Of Wild Dawn Photography and/or link to my website.

If you would not like your images on Of Wild Dawn Photography social media accounts (faceook, pinterest or instagram) or you would not want your images used in my photo journal (blog), for reasons of protection concerns or if your images must remain private for any other reason, please notifying me of that ASAP. I would be more than happy to leave your images off all online social media associated with Of Wild Dawn Photography.



From the online gallery you will have the option to order high quality prints of your images delivered right to you door within 2 weeks. The print company is one I personally recommend and they know my business and my photos. Printing your photos is something I think is very important. There’s something very special about holding a photo from years gone by. Having both a digital copy and a physical copy is the best way to save your memories.

Your high resolution images will look beautiful printed in large sizes as well, don’t be afraid to get enlargements, the images were meant to be enlarged and displayed!

The online gallery will be available to you for up to 2 weeks. Please download the images to your desktop computer or laptop and order your prints within this timeframe.

Once the photos are safetly downloaded to your computer, you can print wherever you normally print your photos! Please remember that using kiosks such as at Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart on high-resolution digital images, will lessen the quality however the choice is yours to print wherever you are most comfortable.


If you are sharing the gallery with other family members, they may also download and order prints. They will need the password that you were given for your gallery in order to view them.



My main goal is that you are happy and satisfied with both your session and images. Please let me know what made you the happiest, or if there is anything more I can do for you. It would be my sincerest pleasure to correct anything you feel needs improving.

If you were satisfied with your session or images, a review on my Facebook page, or better yet, a personal recommendation to your friends or family would be a very nice gesture and I would be forever grateful.


Thank you for allowing me to photograph your Wild Side.


Crystal Dawn

Of Wild Dawn Photography

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