Lifestyle Session Gift Certificate

Lifestyle Session Gift Certificate


This session is perfect for a family with (or without!) children, babies or pets.

This session is 45 minutes, and is typically in the home of the recipient.  These sessions are best done in the morning before noon. I would capture the subjects feeding thier little ones breakfast, waking the baby up from his crib, kissing thier partner as they leave for work, hugging thier daughter before she gets on the school bus, cuddling on the couch with thier pup.

All the little things that get long forgotten about in 10 years time when life looks completely different than it does now.

Captured with minimal styling, in documentary form.

All high resolution photos are included with this session, delivered to the recipient in a beautiful online gallery. 

An email consultation is also included with this session to assess and plan for natural lighting sources, styling and expectations.

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